Iron & Thistle
Iron & Thistle was a branding strategy that was created to communicate a handcrafted Gin label that could compete in the contemporary market, while being reminiscent of the historical roots of the drink. The name recalls both industrial motifs balanced in its integration of nature. The brand mark also symbolizes this, with its metal knight helmet, framed in a shield and topped by a juniper branch.
The Sloe Berry Gin was branded as the "Blackthorn" gin, so a  slight variation was added to the wordmark. The script addition added a secondary characteristic to the type lockup, though remained cohesive with the primary mark.
The most useful part of having an adaptive logo system is how you can apply it differently to highlight out different points of intrigue, whether it is the barrel used for distilling, the box that the bottle is sold in, or a flask used by a consumer. No matter what the various marks allow for a recognizable, yet refreshing system.